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Implements GIF disposal method for the gif crate.

The gif crate only exposes raw frame data that is not sufficient to render GIFs properly. GIF requires special composing of frames which, as this crate shows, is non-trivial.

let file = std::fs::File::open("example.gif")?;

let mut gif_opts = gif::DecodeOptions::new();
// Important:

let mut decoder = gif_opts.read_info(file)?;
let mut screen = gif_dispose::Screen::new_decoder(&decoder);

while let Some(frame) = decoder.read_next_frame()? {
    screen.pixels.clone(); // that's the frame now in RGBA format



Type Aliases

  • 8-bit RGB
  • 8-bit RGBA, alpha is last. 0 = transparent, 255 = opaque.