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This library provides an implementation of GhostCell and its GhostToken as per as well as some extensions.


The actual implementation of GhostCell is found at and has been proven safe. I have carefully checked that this implementation faithfully reproduces the safety guarantees.

Extensions to GhostCell, such as GhostCursor, are not proven, neither at the design nor implementation level. As such, they are only available if the appropriate Cargo features are enabled.


A simple self-contained example:

use ghost_cell::{GhostToken, GhostCell};

let n = 42;

let value = GhostToken::new(|mut token| {
    let cell = GhostCell::new(42);

    let vec: Vec<_> = (0..n).map(|_| &cell).collect();

    *vec[n / 2].borrow_mut(&mut token) = 33;


assert_eq!(33, value);