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A Gherkin parser for the Cucumber test framework.

It is intended to parse the full gamut of Cucumber .feature files that exist in the wild, as there is only a de facto standard for these files.

.feature file structure

The basic structure of a feature file is:

  • Optionally one or more tags
  • Optionally #-prefixed comments on their own line
  • The feature definition
  • An optional description
  • An optional background
  • One or more scenarios (also taggable), each including:
    • One or more steps
    • Optionally data tables or docstrings per step
    • Optionally examples, which can also be tagged
  • One or more rules (also taggable), each including:
    • An optional background
    • One or more scenarios

Unparsed elements

Indentation and comments are ignored by the parser. Most other things can be accessed via properties of the relevant struct.


Tag expressions


A feature background

Examples for a scenario

A feature

A rule, as introduced in Gherkin 6.

A scenario

A scenario step

A data table


The fundamental Gherkin step type after contextually handling But and And