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Gharial is a test tool for program to manipulate memory directly.

Rust usually follows the rule of RAII (Resource Acquisition is Initialization;) resources should be released on the drop, however, it is sometimes difficult to design low level code like that.

Container object, for example, sometimes allocates heap memory and build elements there. Then, the programmer could have to drop the elements and deallocate the heap manully; otherwise some trouble like memory leak could be occurred.

Gharial helps to test such program.


MaybeAlloc is an implementation for GlobalAlloc , which occasionally fails to allocate.
NeverAlloc is an implementation for GlobalAlloc , which always fails. For example, NeverAlloc::alloc always returns a null pointer.
TestAlloc is a implementation for GlobalAlloc to test memory leak and so on.
TestBox behaves like std::boxed::Box except for it owns a reference to a GlobalAlloc .

Type Definitions

Alias to TestAlloc<System> . ‘GAlloc’ stands for Gharial Alloc
Alias to TestBox<T, GAlloc> ‘GBox’ stands for ‘Gharial Box’.