Module ggez::conf[][src]

The conf module contains functions for loading and saving game configurations.

A Conf struct is used to specify hardware setup stuff used to create the window and other context information.

By default a ggez game will search its resource paths for a /conf.toml file and load values from it when the Context is created. This file must be complete (ie you cannot just fill in some fields and have the rest be default) and provides a nice way to specify settings that can be tweaked such as window resolution, multisampling options, etc.



A structure containing configuration data for the game engine.


A builder structure containing window settings that can be set at runtime and changed with graphics::set_mode()


A builder structure containing window settings that must be set at init time and cannot be changed afterwards.



Possible backends. Currently, only OpenGL Core spec is supported, but this lets you specify the version numbers.


Possible fullscreen modes.


The possible number of samples for multisample anti-aliasing