Function gfx_window_glutin::init_existing [] [src]

pub fn init_existing<Cf, Df>(window: &Window)
                             -> (Device, Factory, RenderTargetView<R, Cf>, DepthStencilView<R, Df>) where Cf: RenderFormat, Df: DepthFormat

Initialize with an existing Glutin window. Generically parametrized version over the main framebuffer format.

Example (using Piston to create the window)

extern crate piston;
extern crate glutin_window;
extern crate gfx_window_glutin;

// Create window with Piston
let settings = piston::window::WindowSettings::new("Example", [800, 600]);
let mut glutin_window = glutin_window::GlutinWindow::new(&settings).unwrap();

// Initialise gfx
let (mut device, mut factory, main_color, main_depth) =
    gfx_window_glutin::init_existing::<ColorFormat, DepthFormat>(&glutin_window.window);

let mut encoder: gfx::Encoder<_, _> = factory.create_command_buffer().into();