Struct gfx_device_gl::Factory [] [src]

pub struct Factory { /* fields omitted */ }

GL resource factory.


impl Factory

Create a new Factory.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Factory

Returns a copy of the value. Read more

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl Factory<R> for Factory

Returns the capabilities of this Factory. This usually depends on the graphics API being used. Read more

Compiles a shader source into a Shader object that can be used to create a shader Program. Read more

Creates a new shader Program for the supplied ShaderSet.

Creates a new RawPipelineState. To create a safely typed PipelineState, see the FactoryExt trait and pso module, both in the gfx crate. Read more

Create a new empty raw texture with no data. The channel type parameter is a hint, required to assist backends that have no concept of typeless formats (OpenGL). The initial data, if given, has to be provided for all mip levels and slices: Slice0.Mip0, Slice0.Mip1, ..., Slice1.Mip0, ... Read more

Acquire a mapping Reader

Acquire a mapping Writer

Compiles a VertexShader from source.

Compiles a HullShader from source.

Compiles a VertexShader from source.

Compiles a GeometryShader from source.

Compiles a PixelShader from source. This is the same as what some APIs call a fragment shader. Read more