pub fn print_help_and_exit(code: i32) -> !
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Print the names and descriptions of all the flags.

There is no built-in -h flag in gflags for help. If you want one, go ahead and define your own and call this function to render the documentation of all flags. Output goes to stdout if the exit code is zero, and stderr if nonzero.


gflags::define! {
    -h, --help = false

fn main() {
    if HELP.flag {

    /* ... */


For some of the flag definitions shown in the crate level documentation, the help text would be rendered as follows.

            Include 'advanced' options in the menu listing.

    -f, --file
            Search for patterns from the given file, with one pattern per line.

    -l, --language <LANG>
            Comma-separated list of languages to offer in the 'lang' menu.

The flags are listed in alphabetical order by long name.

Tip: You will likely want to print your own content above this including the application name, version, author, introductory explanation, and usage strings.