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Getset, we're ready to go!

A procedural macro for generating the most basic getters and setters on fields.

Getters are generated as fn field(&self) -> &type, while setters are generated as fn field(&mut self, val: type).

These macros are not intended to be used on fields which require custom logic inside of their setters and getters. Just write your own in that case!

extern crate getset;

#[derive(Getters, Setters, MutGetters, Default)]
pub struct Foo<T> where T: Copy + Clone + Default {
    /// Doc comments are supported!
    /// Multiline, even.
    #[get] #[set] #[get_mut]
    private: T,

    /// Doc comments are supported!
    /// Multiline, even.
    #[get = "pub"] #[set = "pub"] #[get_mut = "pub"]
    public: T,

fn main() {
    let mut foo = Foo::default();
    (*foo.private_mut()) += 1;
    assert_eq!(*foo.private(), 2);