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Libraries for reading/writing Age of Empires 2 data files.

Scenario Files

Supported version range: AoE1 betas through to Age of Empires 2: HD Edition

genie-scx can read and write scenario files for almost all Age of Empires versions. When reading a file, the version is detected automatically. When writing a file, you can choose the version to save it as. For example, you can read an HD Edition scenario file, but save it for AoC 1.0c. Note that scenarios that are converted like this may crash the game, because they may refer to terrains or units that do not exist in the different version.

use genie::Scenario;
use genie::scx::VersionBundle;

/// Read an AoE1 scenario file
let mut input = std::fs::File::open("./crates/genie-scx/test/scenarios/Dawn of a New Age.scn")
    .expect("failed to open file");
let mut output = std::fs::File::create("converted.scx")
    .expect("failed to open file");

let scen = Scenario::from(&mut input)
    .expect("failed to read scenario");
scen.write_to_version(&mut output, &VersionBundle::aoc())
    .expect("failed to write scenario");

    .expect("failed to delete file");

Implementation Status

There aren't many ways to edit a scenario file yet. Initially, we'll work towards the necessary features for proper conversion between AoE versions, especially HD → WololoKingdoms. When that is fairly robust, we'll work on adding methods to edit scenarios and create them from scratch.

Campaign Files

Supported version range: all versions

Campaign files are archives that contain a bunch of scenario files. genie-cpx can extract scenarios from campaign archives and create new campaign archives.

Hotkey Files

Supported version range: all versions

Hotkey files contain groups of key mappings for different game areas.

Palette Files

Supported version range: all versions

Palette files contain the 256-bit colour palettes used in different areas of the game. Each palette contains up to 256 r, g, b colour values. Both reading and writing is supported.


pub use genie_cpx as cpx;
pub use genie_drs as drs;
pub use genie_hki as hki;
pub use genie_lang as lang;
pub use genie_scx as scx;
pub use jascpal as pal;



A campaign file containing scenario files.


A DRS archive reader.


Generator for .drs archives.


Represents a HKI file containing hotkey settings.


A mapping of StringKey key to String values.


A Palette.


A Scenario file.