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gc_nes_core is, as the name would suggest, the core of my Ninendo Entertainment System emulator. It provides an interface for dependent crates to load and run NES ROMs, provide input, and extract rendered image data. Audio is currently unsupported.

Using the Emulator

Add gc_nes_core as a dependency in Cargo.toml

gc_nes_core = "0.1.0"

Dependent crates can use the emulator functionality as follows:

This example is not tested
use gc_nes_core::cartridge::Cartridge;
use gc_nes_core::nes::Nes;

// Load a .nes file as a cartridge
let cartridge = Cartridge::load_from_file("/some/nes/rom.nes".as_ref()).expect("File read error");
// Create the NES with the cartridge loaded
let mut nes = Nes::new(cartridge);
// Run the NES until the next frame completes
let frame_buffer:&[u32; 61440] = nes.frame();
// Or run it cycle by cycle for a finer approach
// Provide input state:
nes.update_controller_two(None); // Disconnected controller



The cartridge module contains all of the code related to the functionality of NES cartridges, as well as the functions for loading .nes files.


The input module handles, as the name suggests, input devices for the NES. There are a number of redundancies in this module that are a remnant of an old input system but I haven't gotten around to reworking it.


The nes module contains the connective tissue of the NES. It contains the the code for communication between the CPU and the PPU.