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fuzzy_match provides functionality for finding the best match from a set of strings, optionally with items assosciated with each candidate string. This crate is based in large part on the awesome fuzzy_match Ruby gem, but this crate only implements the basic functionality and skips the more advanced functionality for now.



This module provides the raw algorithms used for string similarity. These can be used directly if raw weights are required between two strings, but most users should prefer the functionality in the crate root.



Fuzzy finds a set of string-item pairs using a Sorensen Dice coefficient and Levenshtein for breaking ties. May return None if no match is similar. This consumes the input vector. See fuzzy_match_with_algorithms for additional details.


Version of fuzzy_match which allows overriding the first and second choice algorithms, instead of using Sorensen-Dice and Levenshtein respectively. This consumes the input vector.