Trait futures::future::Executor [] [src]

pub trait Executor<F: Future<Item = (), Error = ()>> {
    fn execute(&self, future: F) -> Result<(), ExecuteError<F>>;

A trait for types which can spawn fresh futures.

This trait is typically implemented for "executors", or those types which can execute futures to completion. Futures passed to Spawn::spawn typically get turned into a task and are then driven to completion.

On spawn, the executor takes ownership of the future and becomes responsible to call Future::poll() whenever a readiness notification is raised.

Required Methods

Spawns a future to run on this Executor, typically in the "background".

This function will return immediately, and schedule the future future to run on self. The details of scheduling and execution are left to the implementations of Executor, but this is typically a primary point for injecting concurrency in a futures-based system. Futures spawned through this execute function tend to run concurrently while they're waiting on events.


Implementers of this trait are allowed to reject accepting this future as well. This can happen for various reason such as:

  • The executor is shut down
  • The executor has run out of capacity to execute futures

The decision is left to the caller how to work with this form of error. The error returned transfers ownership of the future back to the caller.