Function futures::future::join_all [] [src]

pub fn join_all<I>(i: I) -> JoinAll<I> where I: IntoIterator, I::Item: IntoFuture

Creates a future which represents a collection of the results of the futures given.

The returned future will drive execution for all of its underlying futures, collecting the results into a destination Vec<T>. If any future returns an error then all other futures will be canceled and an error will be returned immediately. If all futures complete successfully, however, then the returned future will succeed with a Vec of all the successful results.


use futures::future::*;

let f = join_all(vec![
    ok::<u32, u32>(1),
    ok::<u32, u32>(2),
    ok::<u32, u32>(3),
let f =|x| {
    assert_eq!(x, [1, 2, 3]);

let f = join_all(vec![
    ok::<u32, u32>(1).boxed(),
    err::<u32, u32>(2).boxed(),
    ok::<u32, u32>(3).boxed(),
let f = f.then(|x| {
    assert_eq!(x, Err(2));