pub trait AsyncSeek {
    fn poll_seek(
        self: Pin<&mut Self>,
        cx: &mut Context<'_>,
        pos: SeekFrom
    ) -> Poll<Result<u64>>; }
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Seek bytes asynchronously.

This trait is analogous to the std::io::Seek trait, but integrates with the asynchronous task system. In particular, the poll_seek method, unlike Seek::seek, will automatically queue the current task for wakeup and return if data is not yet available, rather than blocking the calling thread.

Required Methods

Attempt to seek to an offset, in bytes, in a stream.

A seek beyond the end of a stream is allowed, but behavior is defined by the implementation.

If the seek operation completed successfully, this method returns the new position from the start of the stream. That position can be used later with SeekFrom::Start.


Seeking to a negative offset is considered an error.


This function may not return errors of kind WouldBlock or Interrupted. Implementations must convert WouldBlock into Poll::Pending and either internally retry or convert Interrupted into another error kind.

Implementations on Foreign Types