Trait fuchsia_zircon::prelude::AsHandleRef [] [src]

pub trait AsHandleRef {
    fn as_handle_ref(&self) -> HandleRef;

    fn raw_handle(&self) -> zx_handle_t { ... }
fn signal_handle(
        clear_mask: Signals,
        set_mask: Signals
    ) -> Result<(), Status> { ... }
fn wait_handle(
        signals: Signals,
        deadline: Time
    ) -> Result<Signals, Status> { ... }
fn wait_async_handle(
        port: &Port,
        key: u64,
        signals: Signals,
        options: WaitAsyncOpts
    ) -> Result<(), Status> { ... } }

A trait to get a reference to the underlying handle of an object.

Required Methods

Get a reference to the handle. One important use of such a reference is for object_wait_many.

Provided Methods

Interpret the reference as a raw handle (an integer type). Two distinct handles will have different raw values (so it can perhaps be used as a key in a data structure).

Set and clear userspace-accessible signal bits on an object. Wraps the zx_object_signal syscall.

Waits on a handle. Wraps the zx_object_wait_one syscall.

Causes packet delivery on the given port when the object changes state and matches signals. zx_object_wait_async syscall.