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Frunk: generic functional programming toolbelt for Rust

Aims to be a collection of functional programming abstractions implemented in Rust in effective, useful, and idiomatic ways. Examples of things that are included in rust are:

  1. HLists (heterogeneously-typed lists)
  2. LabelledGeneric, and Generic
  3. Coproduct
  4. Validated (accumulator for Result)
  5. Semigroup
  6. Monoid

Here is a small taste of what Frunk has to offer:

use frunk::hlist::*;
use frunk::generic::*;
use frunk::labelled::*;
use frunk::monoid::*;
use frunk::semigroup::*;
use frunk::validated::*;

// Combining Monoids
let v = vec![Some(1), Some(3)];
assert_eq!(combine_all(&v), Some(4));

// HLists
let h = hlist![1, "hi"];
assert_eq!(h.len(), 2);
let hlist_pat!(a, b) = h;
assert_eq!(a, 1);
assert_eq!(b, "hi");

let h1 = hlist![Some(1), 3.3, 53i64, "hello".to_owned()];
let h2 = hlist![Some(2), 1.2, 1i64, " world".to_owned()];
let h3 = hlist![Some(3), 4.5, 54, "hello world".to_owned()];
assert_eq!(h1.combine(&h2), h3);

// Generic and LabelledGeneric-based programming
// Allows Structs to play well easily with HLists

#[derive(Generic, LabelledGeneric)]
struct ApiUser<'a> {
    FirstName: &'a str,
    LastName: &'a str,
    Age: usize,

#[derive(Generic, LabelledGeneric)]
struct NewUser<'a> {
    first_name: &'a str,
    last_name: &'a str,
    age: usize,

struct SavedUser<'a> {
    first_name: &'a str,
    last_name: &'a str,
    age: usize,

// Instantiate a struct from an HList. Note that you can go the other way too.
let a_user: ApiUser = from_generic(hlist!["Joe", "Blow", 30]);

// Convert using Generic
let n_user = <NewUser as Generic>::convert_from(a_user); // done

// Convert using LabelledGeneric
// This will fail if the fields of the types converted to and from do not
// have the same names or do not line up properly :)
// Also note that we're using a helper method to avoid having to use universal
// function call syntax
let s_user: SavedUser = labelled_convert_from(n_user);

assert_eq!(s_user.first_name, "Joe");
assert_eq!(s_user.last_name, "Blow");
assert_eq!(s_user.age, 30);

// Uh-oh ! last_name and first_name have been flipped!
struct DeletedUser<'a> {
    last_name: &'a str,
    first_name: &'a str,
    age: usize,
// let d_user = <DeletedUser as LabelledGeneric>::convert_from(s_user); <-- this would fail at compile time :)

// This will, however, work, because we make use of the Sculptor type-class
// to type-safely reshape the representations to align/match each other.
let d_user: DeletedUser = transform_from(s_user);
assert_eq!(d_user.first_name, "Joe");Run

Links: 1. Source on Github 2. page


pub use frunk_core::*;
pub use frunk_derives::*;



Module that holds Coproduct data structures, traits, and implementations


Module for holding Monoid typeclass definitions and default implementations


Module for holding the Semigroup typeclass definition and typeclass instances


Module for holding Validated logic



Returns a type signature for a Coproduct of the provided types


Returns a type signature for an HList of the provided types


Used for creating a Field


Returns an HList based on the values passed in.


Macro for pattern-matching on HLists.