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Fretboard_layout is a library for turning a set of specifications into a complete template of a stringed musical instrument fretboard, such as a guitar, banjo, or mandolin. Sample output Sample output


use fretboard_layout::{Config,Specs};

// the [Specs] struct constains the specifications used to generate the svg
let mut specs = Specs::default();
// the (optional) [Config] struct fine tunes the visual representation
let mut cfg = Config::default();
let svg = specs.create_document(Some(cfg));


All of the configuration values which can be set in config.toml get stored in this struct

The font used to print the description in the output file

This struct contains the user data used to create the svg output file


The weight, or style, of the font

Whether the output represents a right handed or left handed neck style

Whether to use Metric (millimeters) or Imperrial (inches) measurements

Whether to output a traditional Monoscale style neck with the same scale across it’s entire width, or a modern Multiscale neck, with a shorter scale along the treble side, also known as fan fret.