[][src]Struct freertos_rs::Timer

pub struct Timer { /* fields omitted */ }

A FreeRTOS software timer.

Note that all operations on a timer are processed by a FreeRTOS internal task that receives messages in a queue. Every operation has an associated waiting time for that queue to get unblocked.


impl Timer[src]

pub fn new<D: DurationTicks>(period: D) -> TimerBuilder<D>[src]

Create a new timer builder.

pub fn start<D: DurationTicks>(
    block_time: D
) -> Result<(), FreeRtosError>

Start the timer.

pub fn stop<D: DurationTicks>(&self, block_time: D) -> Result<(), FreeRtosError>[src]

Stop the timer.

pub fn change_period<D: DurationTicks>(
    block_time: D,
    new_period: D
) -> Result<(), FreeRtosError>

Change the period of the timer.

pub unsafe fn detach(self)[src]

Detach this timer from Rust's memory management. The timer will still be active and will consume the memory.

Can be used for timers that will never be changed and don't need to stay in scope.

Trait Implementations

impl Drop for Timer[src]

impl Send for Timer[src]

impl Sync for Timer[src]

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