pub use self::util::*;
pub use ipld_amt;
pub use ipld_hamt;



Convenience macro for generating Actor Errors


The error type that gets returned by actor method calls.

State of all actor implementations.

Distinguished AccountActor that is the destination of all burnt funds.

Set of actor code types that can represent external signing parties.

Quality multiplier for unverified deals in a sector

Quality multiplier for committed capacity (no deals) in a sector

Serialized bytes to be used as parameters into actor methods. This data is (de)serialized as a byte string.

Quality multiplier for verified deals in a sector


ExitCode defines the exit code from the VM execution.



Given an actor code Cid, returns the name of the actor.

Returns the minimum storage power required for each seal proof types.

Returns true if the code belongs to an account actor.

Returns true if the code Cid belongs to a builtin actor.

Tests whether a code CID represents an actor that can be an external principal: i.e. an account or multisig.

Returns true if the code belongs to a singleton actor.

Create a hamt with a custom bitwidth.

Create a map with a root cid.

Create a map with a root cid.

Type Definitions

Deal identifier used in market and miner actors

Deal weight

Map type to be used within actors. The underlying type is a hamt.

Method number indicator for calling actor methods.

Token type to be used within the VM.