Trait fn_meta::AccessKindExt[][src]

pub trait AccessKindExt {
    fn access_kind() -> AccessKind;
fn inner_type_id() -> TypeId; }

Extracts the AccessKind for a function parameter.

Required methods

fn access_kind() -> AccessKind[src]

Returns the AccessKind of the parameter.

fn inner_type_id() -> TypeId[src]

Returns the TypeId of the type being accessed.

Notably, T, &T, and &mut T all have distinct TypeIds.

struct T;
assert_ne!(TypeId::of::<T>(), TypeId::of::<&T>());
assert_ne!(TypeId::of::<T>(), TypeId::of::<&mut T>());
assert_ne!(TypeId::of::<&T>(), TypeId::of::<&mut T>());
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impl<T> AccessKindExt for &T where
    T: 'static, 

impl<T> AccessKindExt for &mut T where
    T: 'static, 

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