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FM-Index Long Read Corrector v2

This library provides access to the functionality used by FMLRC2 to perform read correction using a Burrows Wheeler Transform (BWT). Currently, the BWT is assumed to have been generated externally (typically with a tool like ropebwt2) and stored in the same numpy format as FMLRC v1. FMLRC load a binary representation of the BWT into memory for performing very fast queries at the cost of memory usage. This particular implementation is accelerated over FMLRC v1 by using a cache to pre-compute common queries to the BWT.


use fmlrc::bv_bwt::BitVectorBWT;
use fmlrc::bwt_converter::convert_to_vec;
use fmlrc::ropebwt2_util::create_bwt_from_strings;
use fmlrc::string_util::convert_stoi;
use std::io::Cursor;

//example with in-memory BWT
let data: Vec<&str> = vec!["ACGT", "CCGG"];
let seq = create_bwt_from_strings(&data).unwrap();
let cursor_seq = Cursor::new(seq);
let vec_form = convert_to_vec(cursor_seq);
let mut bwt = BitVectorBWT::new();
//bwt.load_numpy_file(filename); <- if in a numpy file

//do a count
let kmer: Vec<u8> = convert_stoi(&"ACGT");
let kmer_count = bwt.count_kmer(&kmer); //ACGT
assert_eq!(kmer_count, 1);



Contains the bit vector implementation of the BWT


Contains the function for reformating a BWT string into the expected run-length format or numpy file


Contains bit vector with basic rank support; other crates exist with this, but they tended to be slow for some reason


Contains a wrapper around the rust-bio FASTA writer, but forces an ordering on the reads


Contains the logic for performing the read correction


Contains wrapper functions for ropebwt2, most will fail if ropebwt2 is not on the PATH


Contains special statistics functions, mainly an ignored median score


Contains inline functions for converting between strings and integer formats