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This struct contains parameters that would be accessible by Wasm modules.

The context of the currently running WebAssembly instance.

Describes the behaviour of FluenceFaaS.

Represent a function type inside Marine module.

Various settings that could be used to guide Marine how to load a module in a proper way.

Represent Marine module interface.

Represents the function argument type.

Represents a record type.

Info to load a module from filesystem into runtime.

Describes an origin that set corresponding value.


Represents the types supported by WIT.

A WIT value.


Deserialize a set of IValues to a type T that implements the Deserialize trait.

Converts the supplied IType to a Aqua0compatible text representation.

Return minimal support version of interface types.

Return minimal support version of SDK.

Serialize a type T that implements the Serialize trait to an IValue.

Type Definitions