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The flp_framework Crate

This module contains the Rust binding for the Floorplan compiler to generate address types in terms of. These interfaces support basic arithmetic operations, address comparisons, pretty printing, and direct memory access.

For information on acquiring the Floorplan compiler itself, go see the GitHub project here.


pub use address::*;



The flp_framework::address Module



Derive all the boilerplate traits necessary to make a Floorplan-generated address type support all the necessary basic operations. These operations include:


Derives just the necessary pieces of code to satisfy the Rust type checker when it comes to the default implementation of an instance of a type supporting the Address trait. This includes address comparisons and printf formatting support.


Derives just the necessary pieces of code for the Address trait so that all functions have a definition. This formulates the most basic implementation of an address type to get functioning code.



The Address trait exposes all the basic operations (arithmetic, etc.) that can be performed on an address of a Floorplan type. These are all intrinsically unsafe operations, and intended for use by developers of the Floorplan compiler, or other developers extending the capability of Floorplan. Directly accessing these trait functions from memory management code is ill-advised, and unsupported.