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flo_stream is a crate providing some extra utilities for streams in Rust's futures library, in particular the 'pubsub' pattern.

The primary new feature is a "pubsub" mechanism - a way to subscribe to updates sent to a futures Sink. This differs from the Sender/Receiver mechanism provided in the main futures library in two key ways: it's possible to have multiple receivers, and messages sent when there is no subscriber connected will be ignored.


The sink type provided is Publisher. You can create one with let publisher = Publisher::new(10). This implements the Sink trait so can be used in a very similar way to send messages. The number passed in is the maximum number of waiting messages allowed for any given subscriber.

A subscription can be created using let subscription = publisher.subscribe(). Any messages sent to the sink after this is called is relayed to all subscriptions. A subscription is a Stream so can interact with other parts of the futures library in the usual way.

Here's a full worked example with a single subscriber.

let publisher       = Publisher::new(10);
let mut publisher   = executor::spawn(publisher);
let subscriber      = publisher.subscribe();
let mut subscriber  = executor::spawn(subscriber);
assert!(subscriber.wait_stream() == Some(Ok(1)));
assert!(subscriber.wait_stream() == Some(Ok(2)));
assert!(subscriber.wait_stream() == Some(Ok(3)));



A blocking publisher is a publisher that blocks messages until it has enough subscribers


An 'expiring' publisher is one that responds to backpressure from its subscribers by expiring the most recent message.


A publisher represents a sink that sends messages to zero or more subscribers


A single publisher is a publisher that sends each message to only a single subscriber rather than all of them


Represents a subscriber stream from a publisher sink



Trait implemented by sinks that act as a publisher