Crate flo_render_canvas[][src]


pub use flo_canvas as canvas;


Changes commands for flo_canvas into commands for flo_render

An identifier corresponding to an index buffer

Represents an OpenGL transformation matrix

An identifier corresponding to a render target

Represents an RGBA colour as 8-bit valus

An identifier corresponding to a texture

2D vertex representation

An identifier corresponding to a vertex buffer


The blending modes that the renderer must support (most of the Porter-Duff modes)

Represents an action for a render target

Errors that can happen when trying to initialise the renderer

The types of render target that can be created by the render layer

The shaders that can be chosen for the renderer


Trait implemented by objects that represent a offscreen drawing context

Trait implemented by FlowBetween offscreen render targets


Renders a canvas in an offscreen context, returning the resulting bitmap