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A library for interacting with Luminator flip-dot and LED signs over RS-485.

Provides a way to connect to a sign, define messages spanning one or more pages, send those pages to the sign, then switch between them. No special graphics or text functionality is provided; you are responsible for setting the pixels on the pages yourself.

Tested with a MAX3000 90 × 7 side sign. Should work with any flip-dot or LED sign that uses the 7-pin circular connector, but no guarantees.

Intended only for hobbyist and educational purposes. Not affiliated with Luminator in any way.


use std::cell::RefCell;
use std::rc::Rc;
use flipdot::{Address, PageId, Sign, SignType, SerialSignBus};

// Set up bus. Because the bus can be shared among
// multiple signs, it must be wrapped in an Rc<RefCell>.
let port = serial::open("/dev/ttyUSB0")?;
let bus = SerialSignBus::try_new(port)?;
let bus = Rc::new(RefCell::new(bus));

// Create a sign with the appropriate address and type.
let sign = Sign::new(bus.clone(), Address(3), SignType::Max3000Side90x7);

// First, the configuration data must be sent to the sign.

// Next, we can create some pages, turn on pixels, and send them to the sign.
let mut page1 = sign.create_page(PageId(0));
page1.set_pixel(0, 0, true);
let mut page2 = sign.create_page(PageId(1));
page2.set_pixel(1, 1, true);
sign.send_pages(&[page1, page2])?;

// The first page is now loaded in the sign's memory and can be shown.

// Load the second page into memory, then show it.


In addition to the high-level API of Sign, several lower-level components are provided that can be combined for more specialized use-cases.

  • flipdot-core (re-exported as core) contains the basic types describing the protocol, and is useful if you want to implement a custom SignBus or otherwise operate at the level of the raw protocol.
  • flipdot-serial (re-exported as serial) contains functions for configuring the serial port, as well as the implementation of SerialSignBus.
  • flipdot-testing contains tools not directly related to communicating with signs, but useful for testing and debugging.


pub use flipdot_core as core;
pub use flipdot_serial as serial;



The address of a sign, used to identify it on the bus.


A page of a message for display on a sign.


The page number of a Page.


An implementation of SignBus that communicates with one or more signs over serial.


A single sign on an associated bus.



Errors related to Signs.


The configuration information for a particular model of sign.



Abstraction over a bus containing devices that are able to send and receive Messages.