Crate flipdot_testing[][src]

Tools for testing and debugging Luminator sign communications.

For the basic task of sign communication, you likely want to use the high-level API in the flipdot crate instead.

This crate isn’t directly related to controlling a real sign, but provides some helpful diagnostic tools. VirtualSignBus is a general-purpose mock implementation of one or more signs attached to the bus, and Odk allows connecting a real ODK over serial to a SignBus.

Intended only for hobbyist and educational purposes. Not affiliated with Luminator in any way.


use flipdot_serial::SerialSignBus;
use flipdot_testing::{Address, Odk, VirtualSign, VirtualSignBus};

// Populate bus with signs from addresses 2 to 126
// (which seems to be the possible range for actual signs).
let signs = (2..127).map(Address).map(VirtualSign::new);
let bus = VirtualSignBus::new(signs);

// Hook up ODK to virtual bus.
let port = serial::open("COM3")?;
let mut odk = Odk::try_new(port, bus)?;
loop {
    // ODK communications are forwarded to/from the virtual bus.



The address of a sign, used to identify it on the bus.


Connects to a real ODK over the specified serial port and uses it to drive a SignBus.


Mock implementation of a single sign on a VirtualSignBus.


Mock implementation of a bus containing one or more signs.



Errors related to Odks.