Crate flipdot_serial[][src]

Tools for communicating with Luminator signs over serial.

For the basic task of sign communication, you likely want to use the high-level API in the flipdot crate instead.

However, you can use the configure_port function to configure serial port appropriately if you’re doing custom lower-level communication.

Intended only for hobbyist and educational purposes. Not affiliated with Luminator in any way.


use std::time::Duration;

let mut port = serial::open("COM3")?;
flipdot_serial::configure_port(&mut port, Duration::from_secs(5))?;
// Now ready for communication with a sign (8N1 19200 baud).



An implementation of SignBus that communicates with one or more signs over serial.



Configures the given serial port appropriately for use with Luminator signs.