Trait flexi_logger::writers::LogWriter[][src]

pub trait LogWriter: Sync + Send {
    fn write(&self, now: &mut DeferredNow, record: &Record<'_>) -> Result<()>;
fn flush(&self) -> Result<()>; fn max_log_level(&self) -> LevelFilter { ... }
fn format(&mut self, format: FormatFunction) { ... }
fn shutdown(&self) { ... } }
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Writes to a single log output stream.

Boxed instances of LogWriter can be used as additional log targets (see writers for more details).

Required methods

Writes out a log line.



Flushes any buffered records.



Provided methods

Provides the maximum log level that is to be written.

Sets the format function.

Defaults to default_format, but can be changed with a call to Logger::format_for_writer.

The default implementation is a no-op.

Cleanup open resources, if necessary.