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A Fleetspeak client connector library.

This library exposes a set of functions for writing client-side Fleetspeak services. Each of these functions operates on a global connection object that is lazily established. If this global connection cannot be established, the library will panic (because without this connection Fleetspeak will shut the service down anyway).

Note that each service should send startup information upon its inception and continue to heartbeat from time to time to notify the Fleetspeak client that it did not get stuck.


  • A Fleetspeak client communication message.


  • Sends a heartbeat signal to the Fleetspeak client.
  • Sends a heartbeat signal to the Fleetspeak client but no more frequently than the specified rate.
  • Receives a message from the Fleetspeak server.
  • Receive a message from the Fleetspeak server, heartbeating in background.
  • Sends the message to the Fleetspeak server.
  • Sends a system message with startup information to the Fleetspeak client.