pub use basic_types::BasicType;
pub use constraints::ConstraintItem;
pub use expressions::AnnExpr;
pub use expressions::Annotation;
pub use expressions::ArrayOfBoolExpr;
pub use expressions::ArrayOfFloatExpr;
pub use expressions::ArrayOfIntExpr;
pub use expressions::ArrayOfSetExpr;
pub use expressions::BoolExpr;
pub use expressions::Expr;
pub use expressions::FloatExpr;
pub use expressions::IntExpr;
pub use expressions::SetExpr;
pub use expressions::SetLiteral;
pub use expressions::SetLiteralExpr;
pub use parameters::declarations::ParDeclItem;
pub use parameters::types::BasicParType;
pub use predicates::declarations::PredicateItem;
pub use predicates::types::BasicPredParType;
pub use predicates::types::PredIndexSet;
pub use predicates::types::PredParType;
pub use primitive_literals::IndexSet;
pub use solve_items::Goal;
pub use solve_items::OptimizationType;
pub use solve_items::SolveItem;
pub use statements::statement;
pub use statements::Stmt;
pub use variables::declarations::VarDeclItem;
pub use variables::types::BasicVarType;



This error type accumulates errors and their position when backtracking through a parse tree. With some post processing (cf examples/, it can be used to display user friendly error messages


The Err enum indicates the parser was not successful

Indicates which parser returned an error


This trait is required by the map_res combinator to integrate error types from external functions, like std::str::FromStr

This trait must be implemented by the error type of a nom parser.


Transforms a VerboseError into a trace with input position information

Type Definitions

Holds the result of parsing functions