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Flaken is a configurable Snowflake ID generator where the epoch and bitwidths may be adjusted to your liking from the defaults. ID generation from an instantiated generator will always increase in value. If a ID generator is created after a clock moves back from previously created IDs conflicting ID values are possible, otherwise clock changes do not affect ID generation.

Encode and decode example

use std::time;
use flaken::Flaken;

let ts = time::SystemTime::now().duration_since(time::UNIX_EPOCH).unwrap();
let ts_ms = ts.as_secs()*1000 + (ts.subsec_nanos() as u64)/1000000;
let mf = Flaken::default();
let id = mf.encode(ts_ms, 10, 100);
let (ts0, node0, seq0) = mf.decode(id);
assert_eq!(ts0, ts_ms);
assert_eq!(node0, 10);
assert_eq!(seq0, 100);

ID generation example

use flaken::Flaken;

let mut flake = Flaken::default().node(1).epoch(0).bitwidths(40, 10);
let id0 =;
let (ts0, node0, seq0) = flake.decode(id0);
assert!(ts0 > 0);
assert_eq!(node0, 1);
assert_eq!(seq0, 0);
assert_eq!(flake.encode(ts0, node0, seq0), id0);



Flaken ID generator, encoder, and decoder