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Fornjot Modeling Library

This library is part of the Fornjot ecosystem. Fornjot is an open-source, code-first CAD application; and collection of libraries that make up the CAD application, but can be used independently.

The purpose of this library is to support Fornjot models, which are just Rust libraries. Models depend on this library and use the primitives defined here to define a CAD model. Together with the Fornjot application, this library forms the part of Fornjot that is relevant to end users.

To display the created CAD model, or export it to another file format, you need the Fornjot application. Please refer to the Fornjot repository for usage examples.


Convenient syntax for fj operations


A circle

A difference between two shapes

A group of two 3-dimensional shapes

A sketch

A sweep of a 2-dimensional shape along straight path

A transformed 3-dimensional shape


A shape

A 2-dimensional shape

A 3-dimensional shape