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This crate provides type FinArc, which is Arc with finalizer callback, that clones inner data on cloning and calls finalizer when last instance is dropped

It may be useful in situations where you have internally synchronized type that is Cloneable, but all its clones belongs to single resource and that resource must be released when last clone is dropped

One such example is Channel in lapin crate, that belongs to RabbitMQ channel. It is cloneable, but it doesn't follow RAII, that is, no close on the drop and any thread that uses one copy of channel may close it, leaving other threads to face Rabbit errors when they try to use this already closed channel.

Suppose you want to create your own wrapper around this type. You may use Arc<Mutex/RwLock<Channel>>, but it is inefficient, as Channel is already synchronized (it is simply bunch of Arc<Mutex/RwLock>s), so you need to clone them, but in the same time, track the number of copies to call .close() on last instance before drop. FinArc allows you to do that, you just provide FnOnce(&mut Channel) callback, that is called when last channel copy is dropped.

Unlike Arc, FinArc<T, F> implements DerefMut to T, because each instance of FinArc owns its own copy of T