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This crate exposes a single type: FileDesc, which acts as a thin wrapper around open file descriptors. The wrapped file descriptor is closed when the wrapper is dropped.

You can call FileDesc::new() with any type that implements IntoRawFd, or duplicate the file descriptor of a type that implements AsRawFd with duplicate_from.

The same is possible for raw file descriptors with the unsafe from_raw_fd() and duplicate_raw_fd(). Wrapped file descriptors can also be duplicated with the duplicate() function.


Whenever the library duplicates a file descriptor, it tries to set the close-on-exec flag atomically. On platforms where this is not supported, the library falls back to setting the flag non-atomically. When an existing file descriptor is wrapped, the close-on-exec flag is left as it was.

You can also check or set the close-on-exec flag with the get_close_on_exec() and set_close_on_exec functions.


use filedesc::FileDesc;
let fd = unsafe { FileDesc::from_raw_fd(raw_fd) };
let duplicated = fd.duplicate()?;
assert_eq!(duplicated.get_close_on_exec()?, true);

assert_eq!(duplicated.get_close_on_exec()?, false);



Thin wrapper around an open file descriptor.