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This library consists of all of the things fif needs to run. It only exists as a library to separate code, and to make documentation and testing a bit easier. I don’t recommend using this as a library for your crate, as it may have breaking changes without incrementing the major version - it’s really only meant to be a place for fif’s internals to live.

You can view fif’s README to learn more.


  • File handling - scanning, detecting MIME types, and so on.
  • The Findings and ScanError structs, used for conveying whether a given file was able to be scanned, whether its MIME type could be inferred, and whether the file should be renamed.
  • Logic for handling the various output formats that fif can output to.
  • Backend-neutral Mime database abstraction.
  • Command line argument parsing logic and associated functions.
  • Various minor utilities.



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