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Collection of procedural macros to allow you "copy", "move" and "duplicate" your structs fields-wise.

Here's an ultimate example to give you a feel for what you can do with this crate:

#[macro_use(Duplicate, MoveFields, CloneFields, EqFields, OrdFields)]
extern crate fields_converter_derive;
extern crate clone_fields;
use clone_fields::{CloneInto, CloneFrom};

#[derive(Duplicate, MoveFields, CloneFields, EqFields, OrdFields, Debug)]
#[add_derives(Clone, Debug, PartialEq)]
struct Origin<'a, T> {
  field1: String,
  field2: T,
  field3: &'a str,

fn main() {
  let source = Origin {
    field1: "lol".into(),
    field2: 9907,
    field3: "testing",
  // Let's create a `Copied` type from the `Source` (here `CloneFields` shines).
  let copied: Copied<_> = source.clone_into();
  // Now let's clone it using the `add_derives(Clone)`
  let cloned = copied.clone();
  // `assert_eq` requires `Debug` and `PartialEq` traits, which are implemented thanks to
  // `add_derives(Debug, PartialEq)`.
  assert_eq!(copied, cloned);
  // .. and compare it to the source object (thanks `EqFields`!).
  assert_eq!(source, cloned);
  // Ok, let change a field and see that `<` also works (`OrdFields`).
  let greater = Copied {
    field2: source.field2 + 1,
  assert!(source < greater);
  // ... and vice versa:
  assert!(greater > source);
  // And, finally, let's move `source` into a `Copied` object, conversion sponsored by
  // `MoveFieds`.
  let moved: Copied<_> = source.into();

Derive Macros


A derive macro for CloneInto and CloneFrom traits.


A derive macro to duplicate types.


A derive macro for PartialEq trait.


A derive macro for Into and From traits, converting the structures field by field.


A derive macro for PartialOrd trait.