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ffimage is a crate for foreign-function image handling and conversion.

It features basic pixel abstractions and allows converting between color formats. New pixel types can easily be defined and used with the existing abstractions. By default, RGB / BGR, Grayscale as well as YUV 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0p (planar) are supported.

Additional documentation can currently also be found in the file which is most easily viewed on github.

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The common user of this crate will mainly be interested in image conversion. This is a very brief example of RGB -> Grayscale conversion of existing memory:

use ffimage::color::{Rgb, Gray};

// This is our RGB image memory.
// Usually, this will be allocated by a foreign function (e.g. kernel driver) and contain
// read-only memory.
let rgb = vec![Rgb::<u8>([10, 10, 10]); 10];

// Convert the pixels into Grayscale pixels by mapping each one individually.
let gray: Vec<Gray<u8>> = rgb
    .map(|rgb| Gray::<u8>::from(rgb))



  • Generic pixel attributes