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A wrapper for the Spotify Web API that (hopefully) doesn’t suck (too much) (I think).

A lot of the functionality is largely opinionated for my own use but I’m trying to make the library ergonomic and efficient to use. So far only the endpoints I care about are implemented, but if you need some endpoints implemented, feel free to open an issue.


  • Type-safe clients and model.
  • Asynchronous and synchronous (blocking) clients.
  • Every OAuth authorization flow Spotify supports is implemented.
  • Supports multiple simultaneous user clients.
  • Automatically refreshes access tokens when they expire, where applicable.
  • Reacts to API rate limits using either Tokio’s or async-std’s sleep functions at your discretion when using an asynchronous client. Synchronous clients block the running thread.


See the module-level docs for client for instructions how to use the various Spotify clients.

§Feature flags

  • async (default): enable the asynchronous API.
  • sync: enable the synchronous API.
    • In case neither APIs are enabled (default-features = false), the crate only includes the object model structure with minimal dependencies on serde and thiserror.
  • tokio_sleep (default): react to API rate limits using Tokio’s sleep function.
  • async_std_sleep: react to API rate limits using async-std’s sleep function.
    • In case both tokio_sleep and async_std_sleep are enabled, Tokio’s sleep function will be used.
    • In case neither are enabled, the library will return a rate limit error when it occurs.
    • These features are meaningless unless the async feature is also enabled.


  • clientasync or sync
    Clients for every OAuth2 authorization flow Spotify supports.
  • Various error types exposed by the crate.
  • An abstraction over the (now undocumented) Spotify object model.
  • Re-exports of all common traits in the crate.
  • Contains the Scope-enum that represents an OAuth authorization scope and various utilities surrounding it.