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⚠️ This library is no longer maintained, I lost interest in this project after discovering a minecraft launcher called “MultiMC”, however if you want to interact with the Modrinth api have a look at the Ferinth crate which is more up-to-date :D.

Femtorinth is a rust library to interact with a sub-set of the Modrinth api, it only includes the api calls that don’t need auth (a.k.a only GET calls), it includes parsing for all the structs that exist in the v1 documentation of Modrinth’s api and the structs themselves aswell, plus, helper functions that will return those structs and handle calling the Modrinth api, currently this library is using the ureq crate as it’s back-end to call the Modrinth api but that’s planned to change in the near future so the library can become backend agnostic (although i have no idea what the use of this library would then be).

Right now Femtorinth is still very much in infancy, it does have good enough error handling, documentation and code but i think there’s still room for improvement, have a look at the Roadmap section of this readme if you’re interested in contributing!

Basic example

Getting the latest sodium version + a bit of flair

fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
    let results = femtorinth::search_mods("Sodium".into(), None, Some(1))?;
    let modres = results.hits[0].clone();
    println!("Found: {} from {}", &modres.title, &;
    println!("Description: {}", &modres.description);
        "Downloads and follows: {} and {}",
        &modres.downloads, &modres.follows
        "Latest supported minecraft version: {}",
    println!("Licensed under: {}", &modres.license);

    let version_list = femtorinth::version_list(modres.get_clean_id())?;
    let mod_version_data = version_list[0].clone();

    println!("Name of the newest version: {}", &;
    println!("Files for download with filenames:");
    for i in mod_version_data.files {
        println!("{}: {}", i.filename, i.url);


For more examples check out the examples/ directory on github

Why “Femtorinth”?

Femtorinth is a name that’s made up of two words, Femtometre and Modrinth, Femtometre is an extremely small metric (10^-15, even smaller than pico!) and since this library only covers a subset of Modrinth’s v1 API, this name would be perfect!


  • Have somebody more experienced look at the code and give advice on how to improve it
  • Add more examples to the project demonstrating more features
  • Make the documentation and interface easier to both read and use
  • Make the library back-end agnostic so http crates other than ureq can be used


Thanks for your interest in contributing! please open an issue or merge request to contribute, and remember to look at the roadmap and see if you can help with the goals on there. Code contributions submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the MPL2.0 license, shall be licensed as the above without any additional terms or conditions.


This project is licenced under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.


Module containing all data structures and their methods.


The main error enum used by the whole femtorinth crate.


The modrinth api prefix


This API call lists all the categories that Modrinth has

This API call lists all the game versions for minecraft that Modrinth supports

This API call lists all the mod-loaders that Modrinth supports

This API call gets the full details of a mod using its Mod ID, have a look at the ModID struct.

This API call searches Modrinth for your query with 2 additional optional parameters and returns a ModSearchResults struct.

This API call gets the full details about a user while taking a UserID parameter and returning a User struct.

This API call gets a full Version struct using a VersionID.

This API call gets all the available versions of a mod, takes a ModID and returns a Vec<Version> inside a Result.