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FIX Adapted for Streaming (FAST) support.


The constant operator specifies that the value of a field will always be the same, as initialized with new.

Decimal is a fixed 96-bit representation of a decimal number. It can be used to represent all values of the form m * 10**e, with -2**63 <= m <= 2**63 - 1 and -63 <= e <= 63. Decimal can thus represent up to 63 decimal digits and hold values up to (2**63 - 1) * 10**63.

The delta operator specifies that a delta value is present in the stream. If the field has optional presence, the delta value can be NULL. In that case the value of the field is considered absent. Otherwise the field is obtained by combining the delta value with a base value.

No field operator at all.


Any error detected when encoding or decoding a FAST stream. Counterparties MUST signal dynamic errors.

Any error detected when encoding or decoding a FAST stream. Contrary to dynamic errors, counterparties are not obligated to signal dynamic errors an may choose not to do so, e.g. to improve performance.

Any error that is detected solely by examining a template definition, thus even before receiving any data stream. Counterparties MUST signal static errors and the template where the original error occurred must be discarded.


A trait to (de)serialize on-the-wire representations of entities.

Field encoding operator in FAST terminology.