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Query a program for supported features.

The obtain::obtain_features function queries a program for the features that it supports via various methods (e.g. running it with the --features command-line option) and allows other programs to check for the presence and, possibly, versions of specific features.

use feature_check::defs::{Config, Obtained};
use feature_check::obtain;

match obtain::obtain_features(&Config::default()
    .with_program("confget".to_string()))? {
    Obtained::NotSupported => eprintln!("Feature query not supported"),
    Obtained::Failed(err) => eprintln!("Could not query for features: {err}"),
    Obtained::Features(res) => {
        let mut features: Vec<&String> = res.keys().collect();
        for name in &features {
    other => bail!(format!("Unexpected obtain_features() result: {:?}", other))


  • Common definitions for the feature-check crate’s modules.
  • Check whether the program’s features satisfy the specified condition.
  • Query a program for its features.
  • Parse version strings and compare them.