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A simple SVG renderer for fdg-sim.

Latest version Documentation GPL-3.0

Visit the project page for more information.

Basic Example

use std::fs;

use fdg_sim::{ForceGraph, ForceGraphHelper, force};

fn main() {
    // initialize a graph
    let mut graph: ForceGraph<(), ()> = ForceGraph::default();

    // create a circle
    let nodes = 10;

    graph.add_force_node("0", ());
    for x in 1..nodes {
        graph.add_force_node(x.to_string(), ());
        graph.add_edge(x.into(), (x - 1).into(), ());
    graph.add_edge(0.into(), (nodes - 1).into(), ());

    // generate svg text for your graph
    let svg = fdg_img::gen_image(graph, None).unwrap();

    // save the svg on disk (or send it to an svg renderer)
    fs::write("ring.svg", svg.as_bytes()).unwrap();

screenshot screenshot

Webassembly API

This library can be used in Javascript though a WASM interface. I’ll be setting up a demo for it soon. For now you can see how to use it in the web example.


  • The style for shapes and text, font, color, etc.


  • Parameters for drawing the SVG image.


  • Generate an image from a graph and a force.