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FoundationDB Client API for Tokio

Guide level documentation is on our website. You will find API level documentation here.


Provides FdbDatabase type for working with FDB Database.

Provides FdbError type, FdbResult type alias and error constants.

Provides FdbFuture, FdbStreamKeyValue types and FdbFutureGet trait for working with FDB Future.

Provides types for working with FDB range.

Provides a convenient way to define namespaces for different categories of data.

Provides types and traits for working with FDB Transactions and Snapshots.

Provides a set of utilities for serializing and deserializing typed data for use in FDB.


Key represents a FDB key, a lexicographically-ordered sequence of bytes.

KeySelector identifies a particular key in the database.

A key/value pair.

Value represents a value of an FDB Key and is a sequence of bytes.


A set of options that can be set globally for the FDB API.


Maximum API version supported by the client


Returns FdbDatabase handle to the FDB cluster identified by the provided cluster file.

Select the version of the client API.

Set global options for the FDB API.

Initializes FDB network.

Stops the FDB networking engine.