Struct fbp::fbp_wait_for_payload::WaitForPayloadNode[][src]

pub struct WaitForPayloadNode {
    pub wait_for_payload: AsyncState,
    pub payload: ThreadSafeOptionType<String>,
    // some fields omitted
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This can be useful when wanting to get the output of a node within that node itself. One make this node a receiver of the node whose output is desired and then have another node call the get_payload async method which will wait for the payload to arrive.

/// # Example

Basic usage:

use async_trait::async_trait;
use std::ops::{Deref};
use serde::{Deserialize, Serialize};

use fbp::fbp_iidmessage::*;
use fbp::fbp_node_context::*;
use fbp::fbp_node_trait::*;
use fbp::fbp_wait_for_payload::*;
use fbp::fbp_node_error::*;

#[derive(Clone, Serialize, Deserialize)]
    pub struct PassthroughNode {
        data: Box<FBPNodeContext>,

    impl PassthroughNode {
        pub fn new() -> Self {
            let result = PassthroughNode {
                data: Box::new(FBPNodeContext::new("PassthroughNode")),


    impl FBPNodeTrait for PassthroughNode {
        fn node_data_clone(&self) -> FBPNodeContext {

        fn node_data(&self) -> &FBPNodeContext {

        fn node_data_mut(&mut self) -> &mut FBPNodeContext {

        fn process_message(
            &mut self,
            msg: IIDMessage,
        ) -> std::result::Result<IIDMessage, NodeError> {


    let mut pt_node = PassthroughNode::new();
    let mut wait_node = WaitForPayloadNode::new();

    pt_node.node_data_mut().add_receiver(wait_node.node_data_mut(), None);

    let a_msg = IIDMessage::new(MessageType::Data, Some("This is a payload".to_string()));
    let mut rt = tokio::runtime::Builder::new()

    let mut payload: String = String::new();

     rt.block_on(async {
        payload = wait_node.get_payload().await;


wait_for_payload: AsyncStatepayload: ThreadSafeOptionType<String>


Create a new WaitForPayloadNode.

This node wil wait on a payload that is sent to it as an IIDMessage.

Get the payload sent to this node. This is an async method that will wait for an IIDMesssage to be sent to this node and will return the the payload of that message when it arrives.

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