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A library to create mocks out of structs.

faux provides macros to help you create mocks out of your structs without the need of generics nor trait objects polluting your function signatures.

faux makes liberal use of unsafe rust features, and it is only recommended for use inside tests.


// creates the mockable struct
#[cfg_attr(test, faux::create)]
pub struct Foo {
    a: u32,

// mocks the methods
#[cfg_attr(test, faux::methods)]
impl Foo {
    pub fn new(a: u32) -> Self {
        Foo { a }

    pub fn add_stuff(&self, input: u32) -> u32 {
        self.a + input

    pub fn add_ref(&self, input: &u32) -> u32 {
        self.a + *input

fn test() {
  // you can create the original object
  let real = Foo::new(3);
  assert_eq!(real.add_stuff(2), 5);

  // can create a mock using the auto-generated `faux` method
  let mut mock = Foo::faux();

  // if the inputs and output for a method are all static types
  // then it can be mocked safely
  faux::when!(mock.add_stuff).safe_then(|x| x);
  assert_eq!(mock.add_stuff(5), 5);

  // other methods can be mocked using unsafe
  unsafe { faux::when!(mock.add_ref).then(|&x| x + 1) }
  assert_eq!(mock.add_ref(&3), 4);

  // we can avoid unsafe if we do not care about the inputs
  unsafe { faux::when!(mock.add_ref).then_do(|| 10) }
  assert_eq!(mock.add_ref(&1), 10);


  • Mock async methods
  • Mock trait implementations
  • Mock generic structs
  • Mock methods with arbitrary self types (e.g., self: Rc<Self>). limited support
  • Mock methods from structs in a different module



Creates a When instance to mock a specific method in a struct.



Stores who to mock, what to mock, and how many times to mock it.


Similar to When but only mocks once.

Attribute Macros


Transforms a struct into a mockable version of itself.


Transforms methods in an impl block into mockable versions of themselves.