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A library to create mocks out of structs.

faux provides macros to help you create mocks out of your structs without the need of generics/trait objects polluting your function signatures.

faux makes liberal use of unsafe rust features, and it is only recommended for use inside tests.


// creates the mockable struct
#[cfg_attr(test, faux::create)]
pub struct Foo {
    a: u32,

// mocks the methods
#[cfg_attr(test, faux::methods)]
impl Foo {
    pub fn new(a: u32) -> Self {
        Foo { a }

    pub fn add_stuff(&self, input: u32) -> u32 {
        self.a + input

    pub fn add_ref(&self, input: &u32) -> u32 {
        self.a + *input

fn test() {
  // you can create the original object
  let real = Foo::new(3);
  assert_eq!(real.add_stuff(2), 5);

  // can create a mock using the auto-generated `faux` method
  let mut mock = Foo::faux();

  // if the inputs and output for a method are all static types
  // then it can be mocked safely
  faux::when!(mock.add_stuff).safe_then(|x| x);
  assert_eq!(mock.add_stuff(5), 5);

  // other methods can be mocked using unsafe
  unsafe { faux::when!(mock.add_ref).then(|&x| x + 1) }
  assert_eq!(mock.add_ref(&3), 4);



Creates a When for a specific instance/method pair



Stores who and what to mock and provides methods to mock the method both safely and unsafely.

Attribute Macros


Transforms the given struct into a mockable version of itself.


Transforms the given methods into mockable versions of themselves and provides a new method to mock them.