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This crate is a direct translation of fCWT Library written in C++ by Arts, L.P.A. and van den Broek, E.L. (

I changed certain functions that I cannot translate, it seems like it could be eliminated, or the difference between fftw Library and rustfft crate. (fCWT used fftw, and fastcwt used rustfft.)


use fastcwt::*;
use rand::prelude::*;

let wavelet = Wavelet::create(1.0); //Create a Morlet wavelet.
let scale = Scales::create(ScaleTypes::LinFreq, 48000, 20.0, 20000.0, 1000); //Create a scale factor.

let mut transform = FastCWT::create(wavelet, true); // Create a fCWT instance.

let mut input = vec![];
for _ in 0 .. 48000
    input.push(thread_rng().gen_range(-1.0 .. 1.0))

let result = transform.cwt(1000, input.as_slice(), scale); //Store the result.


0.1.9 - Used no_denormals to avoid extra latency. Cleaned up the repository.

0.1.8 - Droped mkaudiolibrary which is not used.

0.1.7 - Used boxed slice instead of vec in Scales struct.

0.1.6 - Transfered owndership to company account.

0.1.5 - Parallelized FFT using rayon crate.

0.1.4 - Added error messages in assert!() and #![forbid(unsafe_code)] macro.

0.1.3 - Get rid of unsafe codes and fn find2power().

0.1.1, 0.1.2 - Minor fixes.

0.1.0 - Initial release.


Arts, L.P.A., van den Broek, E.L. The fast continuous wavelet transformation (fCWT) for real-time, high-quality, noise-resistant time–frequency analysis. Nat Comput Sci 2, 47–58 (2022).


  • Actual continuous wavelet transform.
  • Scale factor for the wavelet transform.
  • Morlet wavelet object.