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This crate provides high-level bindings to Faiss, the vector similarity search engine.


This crate requires Faiss and the C API to be built beforehand by the developer. Please follow the instructions here, and build the dynamic library with the C API (instructions here)

This will result in the dynamic library faiss_c ("libfaiss_c.so" in Linux), which needs to be installed in a place where your system will pick up. In Linux, try somewhere in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable, such as "/usr/lib", or try adding a new path to this variable.

GPU support

In order to have GPU support, the gpufaiss_c library from the main project needs to be built instead. Then, enable the gpu Cargo feature for this crate.

"faiss" = {version = "0.6.0", features = ["gpu"]}


The Index trait is one of the center-pieces of this library. Index implementations can be requested using the index_factory function:

use faiss::{Index, index_factory, MetricType};
let mut index = index_factory(8, "Flat", MetricType::L2)?;
let result = index.search(my_query, 5)?;
for (i, (l, d)) in result.labels.iter()
    println!("#{}: {} (D={})", i + 1, *l, *d);

With GPU support, create a StandardGpuResources and use the into_gpu and into_cpu methods to move an index to and from the GPU.

use faiss::{GpuResources, StandardGpuResources, Index, index_factory, MetricType};

let index = index_factory(8, "Flat", MetricType::L2)?;
let gpu_res = StandardGpuResources::new()?;
let index = index.into_gpu(&gpu_res, 0)?;

Unless otherwise indicated, vectors are added and retrieved from the library under the form of contiguous column-first slices of f32 elements.

Details from the official Faiss APIs still apply. Please visit the Faiss wiki for additional guidance.


pub use index::flat::FlatIndex;
pub use index::id_map::IdMap;
pub use index::io::read_index;
pub use index::io::write_index;
pub use index::lsh::LshIndex;
pub use index::index_factory;
pub use index::ConcurrentIndex;
pub use index::Index;
pub use metric::MetricType;
pub use gpu::GpuResources;
pub use gpu::StandardGpuResources;
pub use index::gpu::GpuIndexImpl;



Vector clustering interface and implementation.


Error handling module


Contents for GPU support


Index interface and native implementations.


Module containing the metric type.


Abstract Faiss ID selector